Dodge Ram Headlight Bulbs 9004 HID


Quartz Glass Bulbs,Blue Ion Coating

Top Quality Xenon Gas Charged

Superior Safety and Driving Comfort

Newest Generation more Xenon gas Bulb Last Longer and Brighter

Manufactured to OEM wattage specifications to give the bulbs a longer-lasting lifetime.

Wiring is protected, Safe For Hardness

Durable with highest quality

100% genuine authentic light bulbs

No over heat and no wiring upgrade necessary

50% brighter than original stock headlights

Using standard wattage bulbs on your car means you will never worry that it might burn your wiring for using higher wattage bulbs. It is complete safe to use.

These bulbs are an easy to install. This should not take you more than 5 minutes. All you have to do is unclip the old bulbs and clip back in the new bulbs.

Over 50% improved from last gen HID

Last Longer, Bluer and Brighter

No Cutting or upgrade wires like HID kit

Our lights are plug and play no tools needed

OEM Watt very safe to use

Installed in 5 mins

100% Blue Color


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