Dodge Ram Van Exhaust Manifold 400 LH RH 1976


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Vehicle Fit
Product Details
Vehicle Fit

1976 6.Dodge Van 6L 400ci (Center Dump) Exhaust Manifold LH or RH

Our aftermarket manifolds are some of the highest quality replacements on the market!

If your vehicle's exhaust is getting loud and the exhaust noise is coming from under the hood or engine then you may need to fix a cracked exhaust manifold. Replacing a broken manifold is easiest with a direct replacement manifold that will fit correctly and bolt up to you original engine and exhaust system. This manifold is a direct fitting replacement.
This cast iron manifold has been designed to eliminate the faults of the original Dodge design. Designed for use with non emissions vehicles.


    * Fits LH Driver's and RH Passenger's sides
    * 2 bolt flange
    * Center dump design
    * Direct replacement
    * Corrosion resistant
    * Replaces original manifolds that are cracked from thermal expansion and contraction
    * Strengthened and redesigned in the vulnerable areas of failure
    * Does not have a heat riser

Now you can buy a high quality exhaust manifold for less than 1/2 the price of the dealer. REPLACE your broken, warped, or cracked one now with this great fitting, alternative.

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